Load HEAT- Mila Kunis

Well, after Sgt. Scott Moore asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball (and she graciously accepted!), it was almost inevitable that the star of That 70’s Show and Black Swan would grace our pages here as well.

Update: Welcome, Linkiest readers. Please feel free to poke around. There’s about 120 Load HEAT entries, and thousands of real blog posts here.

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5 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Mila Kunis”

  1. Time was, I didn’t think she was anything special. Maybe it was just her character on That 70’s Show that I didn’t like, or maybe she just grew up some. Opinions change, though.

    Also, just out of curiosity, how did you decide to tag this post under ‘ducks?’

    1. At the original Hostages, one of the informal rules was that every post had to be tagged “ducks.”

      I kinda just dragged it over here. I forget to do it all the time, but still like to honor the tradition from time to time.

    1. Someone asked Betty White.

      Which you gotta admit, she seems like she’d be fun at a party.

      But yeah, I hope it is a trend that fades fast.

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