From the US Army’s Flickr page.

Soldiers and civilian workers from the 837th Transportation Battalion check and load new M2A2s and M3A3s Bradleys onto railcars at Pier 8 in Busan June 29. A total of 168 new Bradleys were shipped to South Korea on the USS Watson to be distributed throughout the 2nd Infantry Division by the end of October 2011.

A couple of nits to pick. I’m pretty sure they mean M2A3s, in addition to M3A3s. It looks like they are upgrading the entire Bradley fleet for the 2nd Infantry Division.

Secondly, the ship is not the USS Watson, but the USNS Watson, assigned to the Military Sealift Command. It is a ship owned by the Navy, operated by a civilian crew.

The USNS Watson (T-AKR-310) is named after US Army Medal of Honor recipient Private George Watson.

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  1. I spent the larger part of six years on those T-AKRs, not the Watson class(gas turbine propulsion), but the Bob Hope and car carrier conversion (diesel propulsion). Good times on those ships, I hope they figure out how to use their capabilities. They were built for a different war and fast supply to Europe, Mid East, and WestPac. Sitting dockside these days. I used to love making rounds on the lower decks and climbing over and through the early Bradley variants. I never did prove or disprove Tom Clancy’s point of thier being a 25mm socket onboard for changing out ammo, but it was fun looking around. Carrying a couple Bradleys manned, armed, and loaded on the various US chartered container ships which transit the IO/Suez might give the pirates something to consider. At least we used to enjoy the idea.

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