Space pic of the day

Roamy here. From the last spacewalk from the Space Shuttle.

Astronaut Ron Garan took this after deploying another materials experiment (thanks, Ron!).  Atlantis on the right, a Progress resupply ship on the left, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer in foreground.

All 160 American spacewalks on the International Space Station total up to 42 full days of EVAs.  (hat tip:

5 thoughts on “Space pic of the day”

  1. I read “the last…” in this story and I feel both sad and angry… Thanks, Rocket Girl!

  2. I feel the same. Was trying to explain the excitement of the Moon landings and the first shuttle launch to my ten year old, and why it’s sad that it’s ending. How astronauts were (still are in my book) national heroes and looked up to, the honor of getting to shake Alan Shepards hand in 1971 at a Bob Hope Show in Cuba. I think the only thing that really stuck was that there were cool toys on the top of Tang containers for a while. Sigh. xbrad- do you happen to remember the capsule that made the rounds in ’72 or 3? I remember seeing it on a flatbed at Saratoga Heights.

    1. I just don’t recall that, Mush.

      I do recall the Gemini capsule at the Seattle Science Center that you could crawl around on.

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