There’s a reason I never went to jump school…


5 thoughts on “There’s a reason I never went to jump school…”

  1. From what I understand, suppossed to 1 foot up and 1 foot out, otherwise U risk getting twisted. I wanted to do it, but never got a slot in my 6 years. I took my chances having to deal with Soviet Sagger missiles aimed at the 113 I was driving. 😉

  2. I went in 1986 and have had no desire to ever do it again! One of the first days of training we went and sat in bleachers while they dropped dummies wih mis-rigged chutes from the 250 foot towers as a demonstration of various failures. Makes you wonder who the real dummies are. I say I’ll dodge the saggers missiles and stay on the ground, too!

    1. You probably stand a better chance with Saggers than with a chute that roman candles on you. Besides, who on earth wants to jump from a perfectly good airplane?

  3. Heh – I didn’t have much choice actually. But I did enjoy it for some odd reason.

  4. Anthony Herbert tells a funny story from when he was cadre at Jump School at Benning. They were down to two guys, and they got one of those to jump, then next pass over the DZ Herbert told the kid, “look, everyone else did it, you can too. You’re no different.” The kid replies, “I am different. They did it, and I’m not going to.”

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