4 thoughts on “M109”

  1. Ahhhh… A MAN’S howitzer. Was FDO in an M109A3 (many were rebuilt M109A1s with the M185 tube replacing the short M126). Loved them. The Marine Corps should have kept them, as they are truly a decisive weapon in a fast-moving fight.
    (Was also XO of an 8″ battery of M110A2s, which tips my advanced age…)

    1. I thought it was the rank insignia that tipped off your advanced age? *duckandrun*

    2. Heh, to what LT Rusty said.

      The Army sent pretty much every M110A2 in the inventory to Desert Storm. There were quite a few battalions, IIRC. But they were quickly replaced in the DivArty and CorpArty role by the MLRS.

      They were highly prized for their accuracy.

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