The final shuttle launch

Roamy here.  I admit to being a packrat, and I started early.  I watched the first Shuttle launch April 12, 1981 with my parents.  I saved the article from the Augusta Chronicle the next day and glued it to cardstock from the paper mill my dad worked at for 31 years.  I had no dreams of working for NASA back then, not even on my radar as a possibility, but I was still fascinated by that beautiful flying machine.

30 years later, one last successful launch of the space shuttle.  “Bittersweet” has been overused, but I can’t think of any better word to describe work today.  I tell myself that I know there will still be awe-inspiring moments ahead, and there’s future engineers watching.


1 thought on “The final shuttle launch”

  1. Was almost late to the Doc appointment this morning. I was gonna stay and watch until the external tank sep. I figured that, by then, they’ve made it.
    Yeah, bittersweet is the right word.
    End of an era.
    Now, we hit hard vacuum. I hope we don’t stop pushing outward but, with this administration, and the economy they are creating, who knows what lies ahead.
    So it goes…

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