American Wartime Museum Open House 2011

Craig here.  I ran this post on my blog earlier today, but figure the audience over here would better appreciate the smell of diesel exhaust and clanking of treads:

The American Wartime Museum holds it’s annual Open House event on August 20 and 21 this year. The event features vintage military vehicles, reenactors, and other displays. The event is free, but you have to register in advance. The event is held outside Nokesville, Virginia.

Were else will you see stuff like a British tank named after that Hallmark holiday in February:

AWM 21 Aug 10 022
British Valentine Tank

Or a real deal Commie tank from back in the days when there was a Berlin wall!

AWM 21 Aug 10 023
Russian/Czech T54/55 Tank

Or a working “Uncle Billy” M4 Sherman tank:

AWM 21 Aug 10 016
M4 Sherman

Or go to elaborate lengths to light a cigar?

AWM 21 Aug 10 077
Flamethrower Demo

So if you are in Northern Virginia around that time, make plans to stop in.

4 thoughts on “American Wartime Museum Open House 2011”

  1. Looks great. Vintage armor should be well-maintained like these obviously are. I went to Aberdeen Proving Grounds once to see their collection, and it was the saddest, rustiest, worn out collection of steel imaginable; truly a travesty.

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