5 thoughts on “Carl Prine doesn’t like the reflective safety belt.”

  1. Ahh, the belt. The army should immediately reduce its use by a minimum of 90%.
    My squadron CDR and CSM just said “no” in garrison and we didn’t wear the thing for a year. Very nice. On the other hand, a belt is much cheaper than the chemlights we were required to wear on night ranges in Germany back in 2000. You know how much it costs to give everyone in the company a chemlight every night for a 3 week gunnery? Working within a dumb requirement, I did direct my leaders to use a different color. Let me tell you, with zero illum on a night range with blacked out tanks moving everywhere, it is handy to be able to pick out the leaders from a distance. Even worse than wearing the chem lights was wandering around looking for the right guy at 0200! They probably started using the belt now, which blacked out tanks wouldn’t illuminate, anyway!

  2. I’ll bet Mac’s troops wish they’d had reflective belts on Bataan. Think of how much suffering they would have avoided if they had been wearing reflective belts in Combat.

    1. Patton’s movement of a Combat Command of an armored division to Bastogne is all the more impressive when you realize they did it without reflective belts!

    2. ABSOPOSILUTELY AMAZING what Patton could do under such primitive conditions. Think what he coulda done if he’d had the things. The war would have been over by the end of September I betcha!

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