It’s a slow day, so I’m not gonna write much.

Here’s a nice vid of the A-6 Intruder (with a bit of Prowler thrown in…)


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  1. Celebrate Independence Day while we still have it.

    Thanks to all who have served to protect and defend our nation and our many freedoms.

  2. As a fire support guy, I loved those damned things (Intruders). Loiter time, range, payload. They would wing over and have so much ordnance hanging from them, they wouldn’t even look like airplanes.

    Now we have the F/A-18 Hornet. That can carry a little fuel, a few bombs, but not both.

    Ahh, progress.

    1. Since Dad was a Navy Intruder guy, I tend to think of it in terms of a strike platform, but yeah, 28 Mk82s… That’s what? An entire squadron’s worth of F-18s?

    2. So I heard a rumor once, I think at NAS Whidbey air show, that the USMC A6s could/would take off the main gear door to fit 2 more MK 82s on the forward inboard station on the inboard MERs. Saw in the video that the USN A6s were only carrying five bombs on the inboard MERs, but when the USMC ones came on at the end, I couldn’t tell. Anyone else heard that? Is it 28 or 30 MK82s for the USMC?

    3. I’ve always heard that gear door rumor as well, but never seen any photographic evidence of it. I’d be highly interested in seeing some.

  3. Thanks.
    Got nine years in Intruders. Nothing we have in the entire inventory now even comes close.
    The forward MLG doors could be removed for two extra bombs. But I never saw it done in my time.
    With the advent of TRAM, it was usually LGBs on 1 and 5 with three drops on 2, 3 and 4.

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