Roamy here. XBradTC asked me to do this week’s Load HEAT since he has been travelling and having difficulties with internet access. I picked Jessica Burciaga. I know she’s not an actress or a singer, but I think she’s hawt, and I don’t even swing that way. Mr. RFH concurred that she’s pretty. Hopefully I can do the gallery right…

Yay! I might get a raise out of this! Y’all have a good day.

7 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Also, and I just noticed this on the second run through these pictures … good firearms safety is being practiced. The weapon is on safe, booger-hook is outside of the trigger guard, and the weapon is pointed in a safe direction.

    Either they had a good pre-evolution safety brief, or – maybe – that girl knows something about guns.

    Either way, I’m in favor of it.

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