Fixed wings at Fort Rucker

Roamy here. Second post from the Army Aviation Museum.  These are just the aircraft inside the museum itself – there were more on display outside, including a Caribou.  My favorites from WW1 make another appearance on this blog.

Sopwith Camel (replica), where's Snoopy?

This one had the nameplate with “Fokker-Flugzeugwerke m.b.H. Schwerin-Mecklbg.”

D. VIII Flying Razor

They also have a piece of cloth from the Red Baron’s plane on display.

This plane was delivered to the Army in 1918.  Nice restoration.

Curtis JN-4D "Jenny"

There is a replica of the Wright Military Flyer and this replica of the Bleriot XIII.

Upstairs at the museum is a display about the Berlin Wall and flying patrols along the Iron Curtain, some simulators including a Link Trainer “Blue Box”, and some artwork.  Another gallery was on night vision optics and the design of pilot helmets, including two with bullet damage that saved their owners.  Last but far from least, the Army Aviation Hall of Fame.  I made sure my kids paid some attention to the Medal of Honor awardees, especially Col. Robert L. Howard.  We are fortunate to have such men.

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  1. None of the stuff above was at the Museum when I was across Novosel Street as a WOC.

    A lot of the stuff up at Dayton is claimed by the AF, but everything before 1947 was Army Aviation.

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