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I’ve previously defended President Obama’s enthusiasm for golf, but the picture of the American President going on television to announce his predictions in a college basketball tournament, while America’s interests and long-term security are in imminent peril, is disconcerting. Whatever Barack Obama’s virtues, Hillary Clinton was right: he was not ready for the 3 a.m. phone call; and it appears that he never will be.

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2 thoughts on “The Volokh Conspiracy”

  1. For me the word “disconcerting” is not strong enough. I’m sick of his shell-games and childish evasions. Time to get to work for the people of this nation Mr. POTUS.

  2. The Obamanation is not ready to do anything as Prez. He never will be as he simply is not emotionally or intellectually able to perform the duties of the post. The scary thing is the economy just might be good enough to get him re-elected. Our electorate is unable to deal with the character flaws of people like slick Willie or Barack Hussein. A country will get a leader that reflects the population. Sadly, the Slickmeister and Obama reflect much of the population.

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