9 thoughts on “Recently Declassified: 1945 airplane gun camera footage from Japan. [VIDEO]”

  1. Given this headline on Drudge today (AP: AFTER PROMISES, OBAMA ADMIN OFFERS LITTLE TRANSPARENCY… REJECTS MORE THAN 1/3 OF FOIA REQUESTS…), I am surprised to see recently declassified footage. Oh wait, thanks, Bradley Manning…
    Seriously, the guy at 1:30 or so sees a sight that will last a lifetime! Loved the footage over the airfield at about 4:30, but could use a more lively soundtrack!

    1. Three trips to Iraq and you can’t find anything interesting to say? Dude, you’re like the opposite of Dos Equis, the Least Interesting Man in the World!

  2. I like to think that there is potential grist in the other 19 years of service, too… sniff.

    1. Dude, I don’t care if you tell stories of how your armed drill team in High School lost every tournament to that damn MC team.

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