4 thoughts on “You should see him play fetch…”

  1. The Armorer is running that one over at the castle too. Reminds me of our late Blue Heeler. In memoriam, Sassy, 7 Feb 2001. We can’t seem to bring ourselves to get another of any kind.

  2. During the Battle of the Bulge, plans were made to parachute 209 Army Air Force dogs and 17 mushers in to assist with moving supplies and wounded via cargo sleds in the heavy snow. In typical military fashion, administrative delays caused the teams deployment to France just as the snow was melting.

  3. We adopted our little Blue Heeler-Rat Terrier “Rosie” about a year ago. Other folks were not interested in adopting her because they were afraid she would not be able to fend for herself as a ‘cattle dog’ on their Texas ranch. But they were mistaken. This little gal is one spunky and in-charge creature. No single word can express how special she is, but here’s a list: Tenacious, focused, kind, sweet, intelligent, solicitous, adaptive, cuddly, courageous, active, energetic, fun and funny. One friend told me he and his wife adopted a Blue Heeler but had to take her back to the adoption service because “she was too smart for them.”

    Rosie and her big sister, Peaches who is a Beagle-Jack Russel Terrier, also a rescue, get along great and play together very well. I’ve had dogs most of my life, but none compare to our present crew.

    *Hugs to dog-owners and their dogs.*

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