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Welcome to the new civility.


Mr. Fitzgerald,

I want to make this perfectly clear. Because of your actions today and in the past couple of weeks I and the group of people that are working with me have decided that we’ve had enough. We feel that you and your republican dictators have to die. This is how it’s going to happen: I as well as many others know where you and your family live, it’s a matter of public records. We have all planned to assult you by arriving at your house and putting a nice little bullet in your head. However, this isn’t enough. We also have decided that this may not be enough to send the message. So we have built several bombs that we have placed in various locations around the areas in which we know that you frequent. This includes, your house, your car, the state capitol, and well I won’t tell you all of them because that’s just no fun. Since we know that you are not smart enough to figure out why this is happening to you we have decided to make it perfectly clear to you. If you and your goonies feel that it’s necessary to strip the rights of 300,000 people and ruin their lives, making them unable to feed, clothe, and provide the necessities to their families and themselves then We will “get rid of” (in which I mean kill) the 8 of you. Please understand that this does not include the heroic Senator that risked everything to go aganist what you and your goonies wanted him to do. The 8 includes the 7 senators and the dictator. We feel that it’s worth our lives becasue we would be saving the lives of 300,000 people. Please make your peace with God as soon as possible and say goodbye to your loved ones we will not wait any longer. Goodbye A**HOLE!!!!

via Wis. GOP Senators Face Death Threats – By Katrina Trinko – The Corner – National Review Online.

4 thoughts on “Wis. GOP Senators Face Death Threats – By Katrina Trinko – The Corner – National Review Online”

  1. Funny thing is, what they passed in Wisconsin doesn’t do much more than mirror the rules that were signed into law at the Federal level under Carter.

    Wonder how many death threats he got over it?

  2. I remember some fussing about the changes in civil service law on the Federal level. WSMV, channel 4 in Nashville, interviewed several Fed employees who were afraid people would get railroaded. I’m sure it has happened some, but it was the apocalypse they predicted.

    What scares the PEUs is what it does to their power. The state level unions are where the Dems get their power. No one i supposed to be forced to campaign, but it does happen. In fact, it happens at every election. My bargaining unit’s staff rep told me he had to spend a bunch of time in the state capital during the 2004 election. he was a Republican, but still had to campaign for Jean Kerry. It was that or lose his job. My bargaining unit was overwhelmingly Republican. I asked why they had a union that supported everything they found repugnant and never got an answer.

  3. Did Keith Olbermann write that? No?

    We know it wasn’t Chuck Schumer, because it makes references to guns and God. Both of which are VERBOTEN with him, so I wonder whom it could be….

    Got it! A right-wing crazy gun nut, just like the one who shot Congresswoman Giffords in AZ…

    er, what’s that? That was a communist-anarchist? Huh. Thought it was Rush Limbaugh with ammo that Sarah Palin had given him… anyone tell CNN?

    This IS the new civility. Left is violently, radically left, and anything right of Trotsky is to be bullied or beaten into submission.

  4. We Badgers here in WI are quite efficient, and these people will be stopped. This is going to hurt the Democrats rather badly, I believe, as people here do not like the idea of the public employees not having to carry thier share of the load. I am embarrassed that the Wi Professional Policeman’s Union is supporting the WEAC protesters, but the leadership does not represent the majority of the guys on the street on this one. As noted above, this is more about power for the Democrats than anything else. The Dems in the State House give raises to the state employees, and some of the money is funneled right back to them, via the unions. As Alexander Tytler said, “Democracy is temporary in nature, it survives until the people discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public coffer. ” The Democrats are out to end democracy, by the method of buying thier elections.

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