U.S. Lawmakers: Accelerate Acquisition – Defense News

The Pentagon’s lengthy process to develop and field new weapons came under attack Wednesday as several top Defense officials joined with lawmakers in decrying the system.

“We have got to do something to get this procurement system to move more rapidly,” said Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Wash. “I am just concerned that we are wasting billions of dollars in development, years of effort go into [a project], then we realize it isn’t quite what we wanted.”

via U.S. Lawmakers: Accelerate Acquisition – Defense News.

I recognize that many defense programs are inherently complex, and fielding a workable system takes time and money. But the gist of the article is correct, the procurement system (as designed by Congress, by the way!) is so cumbersome as to be unworkable. And it is penny wise, pound foolish.

Yet another legacy of the Macnamara era..

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  1. If the systems acquisition we needed for Vietnam hadn’t started before McNamara got in, we’d have never been able to fight the war. His influence was baleful and we are still reaping the wind he sowed.

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