15 thoughts on “Close (and I mean CLOSE!) air support”

  1. Nice video. Technically, helicopters provide something called “close combat attack,” which, when translated, means “close air support provided by a helicopter…” Nonetheless, nice video. On a side note, as bad as the daytime view often looks in Iraq, the sunsets are often spectacular. I have many digital shots of even Bradleys looking picturesque in the sunset!

  2. Not at all; i am merely observing that even a Bradley can look good when it is dark enough!!!

  3. I’ll ride a tank or a Brad before I get down and walk. I just prefer the extra room in the tank’s turret (I am small, yet borderline claustrophobic in an M3 turret with all my gear on). And the 120mm, .50 cal, and TWO M240s. Plus the tons more ammunition for said weapons. And did I mention the speed? And smoother ride? And the ability to kill anything on the battlefield? (I mean quickly, not at TOW2B flight times….). And just plain looks? I mean, come on, an Abrams is like the Ford Mustang of armor vehicles, while the Brad is like a van (like the one in Back to the Future, with a guy with a pop-gun sticking out the top).

    1. Okay, truth be known, I do like Bradleys. Perhaps more than most infantrymen and certainly more than tankers. Just not more than tanks…

    2. Bradleys are the Minivan of the Armored world. Abrams are the BMWs of the Armored world.

      I’ve been in one Bradley, and early model, and I do agree with the claustrophobic nature of the thing. And that was compared to an M-60. I’ve never been in an M-1, so I can’t speak to that part.

      And, yes, I would ride a Bradley before I walked as well. I was lazy before I got to Armor. Sailors would rather ride as well.

    3. You realize Brads killed more armor in Desert Storm than the Abrams, right?

      As to the crowding, yes, the turret is very crowded (and that was before they added a second thermal sight and all the digital stuff). Getting in and out the top hatch without body armor was a challenge. I’d hate to have to try it with all that crap on.

      But if you kicked the dismounts off, the back was pretty comfy, especially after they went to bench seats on the ODS mods.

  4. While I don’t doubt Brads killed a lot of armor, I will contend that it was because the tank gunners just didn’t feel good about taking candy from the Bradley babies; they just didn’t feel right about shooting anything under 4km out. You know, for tankers, it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel at 25mm range… As for your comments about getting comfy, it must be the 11M in you… 11M = wanna be infantry but unwilling to leave the cooler back in the motorpool…

    1. And yes, with my body armor on, it is about a 30-45 second drill to contort my body enough to get down through the BC’s hatch (rollover drill is “please don’t let me die” and I close my eyes). And it is literally impossible to charge the coax once I am in because the armor plates and FBCB2 screen leave about 8 inches and no way the doors will swing.

    2. Technically, I was still an 11B during Desert Storm. But yeah, after I left light infantry and went Mech (M113) it was only a couple months before I caved and bought a spare helmet bag to carry pogey bait.

    1. Still thin, but I have put on about 35 lbs since high school (12 of it between OSUT and airborne school). Yeah, some guys really hate it in the turret, and essentially never drop down.

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