Soldiers to receive new precision mortar round



It’s about time…


ARLINGTON, Va. (Army News Service, Feb. 23, 2011) — Early next month U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan will receive a first-of-its kind, GPS-guided 120mm mortar munition that can pinpoint targets at ranges up to 6,300 meters, service officials said.

Soldiers to receive new precision mortar round.

Much as the 155mm Excalibur guided artillery round has proven to be very useful, you know this is going to be particularly handy for troops in the field.

Dropping the first round on target is a whole lot more effective than walking rounds onto a target. For one thing, you tend to catch the enemy before they can reach cover.

3 thoughts on “Soldiers to receive new precision mortar round”

  1. One incident in Afghan that stands out in my memory involves “precision” mortaring. I’d just gotten to the base the day before. That night I heard the familiar “whump” followed by the “crump”. Knew what it was and braced for more. Nothing followed and no alarm sounded. All clear.

    Next day I asked the Ops NCO what the deal was. He showed me the tape. “Bad guy” rocket team set up about 1k beyond the wire. The night camera spotted them and mortar team called upon. One round – two “bad guys” gone. End of mission. Good crew, but also very accurate registration to start with.

    Granted, registration mostly an option in the defense, but it sure makes life easier.

  2. I wonder why this PGM round reflects a loss of almost 900 meters in effective range from the 7240 meter range of the current 120mm HE?

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