Well, Boeing won…

How long before the inevitable protest?

Boeing officials has previously worried that its 767 jetliner-based tanker would be compared unfavorably to EADS’ bigger aircraft, itself a modified version of the Airbus A330 passenger jet.
At this point, I don’t really care which airplane is chosen, just as long as some get built.


1 thought on “Well, Boeing won…”

  1. From the arguments I’ve seen, the 767 based AC is the better choice anyway. I don’t think there are any real development costs, and the equipment that will be used is already tried and true. The 767 would not require any infrastructure mods either, while the A330 would, being quite a bit larger.

    I also understand there are military fields the A330 would not be able to operate out of, while the 767 has no such problems

    To me the biggest factor is that it is US made almost in its entirety. The A330 would simply be assembled here, with only avionics and engines being US made. The high value stuff would still be foreign made. If we were suddenly isolated in war, we might have a bit of a time maintaining the A330.

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