Better Runway… Better Service

Craig again.

Back in 2004 I was on a gig supporting … well I can’t recall what they called them back then… but now days it is ISAF.  One mission had me on a team going into some city in west Afghanistan called Herat.  So we loaded up all the commo gear in a C-130 and off we flew.

The landing was a bit rough.  I’m OK with the ducks and dives of the combat approach used.  Actually kind of fun!  Fine with the hard touch down.  But when the pilot had to do a power reverse pitch to help bring that heavy transport to a stop…. well I started anticipating the crunch.

Browsing through the war news today, I noticed some photos taken after a construction project to extend the Herat airport.





Still looks like a hard landing, though.

[Update by XBradTC]- Friend of the blog Bill Tuttle has spent the last couple years helping to reconstitute the Iraqi Air Force, mostly by training Huey pilots for them. One has to wonder if that’s one of Bill’s pupils in the Hubert in the first pic…