Just had a weird dream while taking an afternoon nap.

I dreamt that in addition to recording huge swaths of information for later analysis, the “Gorgon Stare” program was streamed live on an XBoX or similar platform, and the at-home audience would nominate targets for engagement. A simple algorithm would alert the actual operators of the drone that multiple members of the audience were nominating a certain sector for targeting. A quick review, and the operator could enable the engagement.  Viola, instant real-time analysis of streaming imagery.

  1. Data still recorded for later analysis
  2. Still provides the troops on the ground a “birds-eye” view of the battlefield
  3. Many sets of eyes watching to “average out” errors in analysis

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing”

  1. Oh my god. Brad, this is fucking brilliant. I love it.

    You’d have to put a lock on what ranges of IP addresses could access it, though … if you had IPs in Pakistan able to view it you’d probably have haji setting up blue on blue engagements.

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