Flying Hummers

Roamy here.  Seriously?

From Popular Science , DARPA wants to combine a Hummer and a Harrier.

The Pentagon agency’s $50-million-plus exploratory program for the Transformer (TX) calls for a “robust ground vehicle” that can quickly transform into a vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft with a 1,000-pound payload capacity and a flying range of nearly 300 miles. Darpa has a daunting list of specs for any would-be contractors: It must be able to take on small-arms fire and meet federal standards for safety and crash protection. It’s got to have four-wheel drive and be able to reach an altitude of 10,000 feet. Oh, and should the driver become incapacitated, it has to be able to fly itself.

RTWT, and color me skeptical, too.

4 thoughts on “Flying Hummers”

  1. Me too Brad. The old M113 was only lightly armored (iirc, it can be penetrated by the .50 BMG round), and I don’t see it flying any time soon.

    Just imagine the number of new Warrants they would have to graduate to field the things.

  2. Roamy, Could you tell me, is somebody hitting their meds a little too hard? They want to do all of this on a reduced budget. When are they, at least, going to visit reality? They don’t need to stay there, but at least, of visit would be nice.

  3. DARPA doesn’t really expect to field a real flying Humvee (a hummer is something else entirely…. 😉 )
    What they want is to generate new ideas and concepts to see what the state of the art is, and to possibly see what spin-off technologies they can come up with.

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