Our Friends in Islamabad « Neptunus Lex

Our Friends in Islamabad « Neptunus Lex.

The Pakistani government is holding a US citizen with diplomatic immunity after he shot two men he feared were attempting to rob him. Turns out, they may have been more than just bandits…

I have to say, this is one issue that has really got me steamed. About 5 minutes after Mr. Davis was taken into custody, the Pakistani ambassador to the US should have been hauled into the Oval Office and told the many, many ways we could, and would, instantly begin to make Pakistan’s life miserable, from an immediate suspension of aid payments to endorsing India’s position on Kashmir, to a blockade.

If Pakistan wants to pretend to be part of the civilized world, they have to play by the rules of that civilized world, which includes the inviolability of accredited diplomats.

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