6 thoughts on “AOL buys Huffington Post for $315 million « Hot Air”

  1. Wait…they suffered through the worst merger in history with TimeWarner, and now they are buying Puffy Ho, which has NEVER turned a profit???

    Are they suicidal??

    1. “Are they suicidal??”

      Apparently so.
      This should be entertaining to watch, if nothing else. Best dump any shares of AOL left in your portfolios.

  2. Well supposedly the HuffPost is the “most visited news site on the internet.” So AOL supposedly did well with this deal. Supposedly.

    Profit/Loss…. whatever….

    Look there are lies, damn lies, and there are statistics.

    I happen to run, based on hit count, THE most popular Civil War artillery page on the internet. Hum….. Sort of like being the best pitcher in a church softball league in St. Albans, Vermont. No offense to the folks up there.

    1. Craig –

      I’d have to put PuffyHo’s claim of being the most visited news site on the internet somewhere beyond lies, damn lies or statistics. That claim has to go somewhere into the realm of just flat out bullshit. There’s this guy named Drudge, you see …

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