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In a follow on to my earlier post, let’s not forget that there are about 90,000 US citizens in Egypt. If things really go to pot there, the Marines in the area may be tasked to conduct a NEO, or Noncombatant Evacuation Order. It’s unlikely, but you can bet contingency plans are being made.

The U.S. Marines have a pair of warships — the USS Kearsarge and the USS Ponce — just hanging around the southern end of the Red Sea waiting to see if they’re needed to rescue U.S. diplomats and citizens from Cairo.

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  1. As I look at this, I keep asking the questions, “Is this an event, process or strategy in Egypt with Mubarak? Are we just talking about Egypt, or the Greater Arabic/ Persian Region of the World? How much longer can we afford to do this? Let me put in another way, are *you* willing to see your taxes go up for the rest of your natural life?”

    “Where are we gonna get the troops to do all of this? Stop-Loss? What is the best way for these nations to get built?” The answer is to lose a war with The United States. One thing to remember, there is an answer to each of these questions, we will *not* like them, but be ready to answer them

  2. I’m all for helping other countries but charity begins at home. Yes there are 3rd world nations and disasters relief efforts that need our help but throwing money at these problems doesn’t solve them, and it increases the rate of corruption. More would get done for less if we sent food and materials and did the building instead of using corrupt nationals. I can not condone throwing a billion dollars at Egypt’s problems when we have the deficit, employment & social services problems that we have.

    1. A NEO is where the Marines go in to get US nationals out of a country. We don’t do anything about improving the lot of the locals. It’s not a charity mission, it’s a mission to ensure our own citizens are safe. An example of a large scale NEO would be Lebanon in 2006 during the Hezbollah/Israeli war.

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