WORF is working

Roamy here. On a happier note, NASA released the first picture from the EarthKam experiment for students which uses the Window Observational Research Facility, or WORF rack.  The EarthKam program is to help teach kids earth science and geography, plus a little about space.  The high resolution picture is of British Columbia, north of Vancouver Island. 

You can go to this link to download the original resolution.  (XBradTC would be unhappy with me putting 16 Mb files on his blog, I think.)  There’s a lot more science using the WORF rack, but this is nice to see.

Now I got a good chuckle when I read about this on the Alabama Space News blog.

WORF stands for Window Observational Research Facility. Worf is also the name of a Klingon character on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” That’s probably a coincidence.

Heh, heh, heh.  No, sir, it is not a coincidence.  Not when we put “WORF” in Klingon script on the patch.

Just don’t ask me about the eyeball with eagle wings.

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