Police and anti-government protesters clash in Egypt – Yahoo! News


Things are getting interesting in Egypt. I’m of two minds. I deplore the Mubarak government, and am somewhat ashamed that we have supported and subsidized that country since 1977.  I’d love to see a democratic revolution.

But the plain fact is, if the government falls, it will almost certainly be replaced by a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood. That Islamist organization is the progenitor of what eventually became known as Al Qaeda.

As troubling as that is from the standpoint of our own security, think about the vise the Israelis will be in. The recent takeover of Lebanon by Hezbollah, and an Islamist regime at the other end of Israel will not bode well for long term security.

Police and anti-government protesters clash in Egypt – Yahoo! News.

3 thoughts on “Police and anti-government protesters clash in Egypt – Yahoo! News”

  1. I’m following this very closely, seeing as Hubby will be working for the Multinational Force and Observers, whose task is to keep the peace between Israel and Egypt.

    This makes me queasy, you know.

  2. The problem is that the “democratic” government that comes out of this may be worse than the devil we’ve been supporting. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood has been looking to topple him. And then the question is going to be whats going to happen with Egypt’s relations with Israel.

    Nothing good is going to come of this.

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