5 thoughts on “How old is the Prowler?”

  1. Sometime in the late nineties, if memory serves, northrop Grumman had to start building outer wing panels for the ones in the fleet.
    I was aboard Independence when the first deployment was made by VAQ132 in 1974-1975.
    Fly One Blueshirt, Elevator Operator-Phone Talker.

  2. Yes the Prowlers are 40 years old this month. The first production Prowler was delivered in 1971. I was the production Program Director for the EA-6B at Grumman in those days. Actually P-6 was the first production bird. The first five aircraft were development A/C. P-1 thru P-5 used for flight test and other development work. The EA-6B is one of the best EW aircraft Grumman ever made.

    1. Dick, my dad was working the Attack Design desk at NavAirSysCom at that time, and was stationed at Whidbey a few years later.

      I grew up watching Prowlers (and Intruders!) in the pattern. Great plane.

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