1 thought on “Busted.”

  1. You know my history xbrad. I was a pogue in peacetime. But anyone who believes can spot a poseur. I kinda hate when I run into some of my old service buds, even the newer buds who were in service a while ago, and we tell stupid service jokes, and then someone comes up, OBVIOUSLY who never served, and they talk up. And it’s almost as though our response is syncronized, as soon as they name a branch (if they do, all to often they name a billet) But they name a branch it’s almost universal like we were canned laughter.

    “Force Recon?/Sniper?/Ranger?/SEAL?/Combat Controler?/PJ?”

    Because poseurs can’t be happy having just pretended to have served, they have to be ninja’s.

    I SOLDERED FOR YOUR FREEDOM! Is my lame joke about my non valorious service, but I DID serve. It always bugs me.

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