Women in Combat

Look, I’m an equal opportunity kinda guy. Give everyone a fair shake. And I’m no misogynist.

But when I see stupid shit like this:

WASHINGTON — A military advisory panel appears poised to recommend allowing female troops to serve in combat units without any restrictions, calling the current prohibition an out-of-date idea that unnecessarily discriminates against women.

I can’t help but think like this:

Thanks to Swamp Heathen #1 for the pic.

10 thoughts on “Women in Combat”

  1. Well, putting women in combat is the only way teh gey are going to be openly accepted. This (wic) may improve readiness, but not the Image. When the females in body bags come home, our society may react even stronger than the five sided puzzle palace thinks.
    Even in this enlightened new century.
    I can only imagine what the westboro baptist church would say to this!! (no respect, no capital letters)

  2. Rusty and Cathy have said it. I’d simply raise it to a about 6th power, at a minimum. The Navy saw the writing on teh wall years ago and just went on and ignored it.

  3. If men can fight, so can women.
    Go make yourself a sandwhich you lazy dogs.
    The only reason women aren’t already in combat roles is because men wouldn’t be able to handle women doing their job better.

    1. Are you high on drugs? Do you have any idea what constitutes a combat role? We aren’t talking about returning fire from a gun truck turret. Women have proven that they can do that, that isn’t the issue being discussed.

      Women in combat arms jobs would have to perform to the same standards as the men next to them, otherwise we would be accepting sub-standard fontline combat troops in the interest of equality of the sexes. Being in the infantry is physically demanding. Healthy males have trouble meeting its standards at times. Disregarding the abundant social and cultural norms against women being in combat jobs, the logistical difficulties of separate facilities in spartan conditions, and the institutional sub-culture that would have to completely change, women are NOT capable of performing to the same physical standards as men. To quote Ron Burgundy, “It’s science.” Arguing that obvious physical differences in endurance, strength, and hygiene don’t exist or aren’t problems is as ludicrous as arguing for men to get the right to carry children to term.

      No one is saying women can’t fight. They do already, and some of them win the Silver Star for it (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leigh_Ann_Hester, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monica_Lin_Brown), but being an 11, 13, 18, or 19 series soldier is more than just fighting back and reacting heroically to circumstances. Placing female soldiers into combat arms jobs that they will not be able to perform to the same standards as the soldiers to their left and right is detrimental to the soldiers, the unit, the Army, and by way of this reasoning, the defense of this nation.

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