Max Boot isn’t a fan of force cuts

We spend a ton of money on defense. But for all that, we have a relatively small military. And every damn time we trim the force structure, we pay a price in blood. Max is just a tad frustrated by that.

We wish that President Obama, who forced these cuts on Gates and the Defense Department, would explain what in the international situation gives him confidence that we can meet all of our security commitments with so many fewer grunts. The president thinks that most of our troops will be gone from Afghanistan by 2015, but how certain is he that the drawdown will occur as envisioned? How certain is he that Pakistan, Yemen, or Somalia won’t be the staging ground for another 9/11, thereby requiring another massive commitment of U.S. troops? How certain is he that we won’t face a war on the Korean Peninsula or in Iran or in some other land where we cannot currently envision sending American forces—any more than anyone could have envisioned on September 10, 2001, that America would eventually have 100,000 troops in Afghanistan?

3 thoughts on “Max Boot isn’t a fan of force cuts”

  1. Here’s another question: How will the cuts be implemented? How many flag officer billets will be cut? How many officer billets?

    During the “Peace Dividend” cuts under Bush I/Clinton, the Navy cut 48% of enlisted manpower, 6% of officer manpower and 0% of flag officers.

    1. Ouch, I knew it was bad, but not that bad. If they cut 200 of 900 flags, that’s pretty damn good. Not the 50% cut they need, but a start.

  2. Yeah. They need to look at how the navy was organized in 1940 and reduce the flag officer billets to an equivalent structure. The number of GOFOs we had in 1980 made a top heavy structure that was ridiculous, and more so now. This is one issue i agree with Gates on. A lot of the other stuff he’s dead wrong on.

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