Slow day

I just don’t feel like posting on the news of the day. And I’ve got nothing in the hopper to feed you. So here’s a little shooty:


My Navy readers are sure to pop in and slam the LCS (the Bofors 57mm is the main battery for the Little Crappy Ship). Have at it. I’m no fan at all of the LCS. But I do like the 57mm. I think it is a good gun that does what it is designed to do. The only thing I’d prefer to see is an on-mount optical/thermal sight.

6 thoughts on “Slow day”

  1. Little Crappy Ship! I do like that.
    I am not up on the Surface/Blackshoe Navy, so at times I have to use you, lex, cdr salamander and others to increase my knowledge.
    Once an A-6 guy, always an A-6 guy.

    1. The closest I came to being a SWO was spending two weeks of NJROTC at Newport, RI, but that doesn’t stop me from telling the Navy what they are doing wrong!

  2. Hey Brad, do you think that the 57mm Bofors would be sufficient for that modernized Perry-class frigate you suggested a while back? It seems that it would be quite effective as a point defense weapon, and anything that gives us one more tool to thin out a Chinese anti-ship missile swarm would be a good thing, right?

    1. I’m OK with leaving the 76mm on my fantasy Fig-Mod. Though I really, really would like to see the “triple fuzing” option on it, as well as an on-mount optical/thermal sight there.

      But when we look at the 57mm, it was primarily intended for the LCS as a gun to take out small “Boghammer” type vessels, and I think I high rate of fire, coupled with a reasonable sized shell, is just the ticket for that. Any point defense against the ASCM threat is just gravy. The primary defense against that threat would be the ESSM and CIWS/SeaRam mount.

  3. How about the Otobreda 76mm Super Rapid? It can be housed in a stealth cupola and looks like it could be modified to mount the sight you want. Also, it’s got a rate of fire that makes it suitable for point defense as well.

    1. Yeah, I’m a fan of the 76SR.

      But for popping speedboats, the 57mm is just fine. They just need to put it on a 300 ton ship, instead of a 3000 ton ship.

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