Palm Springs Air Museum

Rather than going out and trying to drink all the alcohol in the Coachella Valley to ring in the New Year, my buddy Andy and I checked out the Palm Springs Air Museum. Sadly, it wasn’t  a flying day for the warbirds, though a local operator was offering helo rides at some very attractive prices.

9 thoughts on “Palm Springs Air Museum”

  1. What better place to spend a day! Did you talk to the guys with the B-17? Looove the P-40 and the Corsair! I’ll add that to the list of places I want to go. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Quartermaster, I use an iMac mid-2010 version, with Mac OS 10.6.5. When I first tried to download the pictures, there was a prompt to update, “Microsoft Silverlight”. Being a “Grumpy Old Vet”, I said, “No”. As soon as I clicked, “No”, the picture came right up. QM, I am in no way suggesting a course of choice, for you, but this is what worked for me.

  3. Before I came here I tried to view the slide show again. This time it took me to a page wanting me to Install Microsoft Silverlight. The only option on the page is “Install.” It doesn’t allow me to say no. I’m guessing it’s the difference between Apple and Windoze. I’ve got enough plugins running on this poor machine. I’m having problems with Firefox, probably because of plugins. If I have a clip running from certain sites, and I kill Firefox, I still get the audio from the clip until I go to the task manager and kill the process. The problem started with the last update.

    1. Sorry, QM. It works for me, and by hosting it on Skydrive, I don’t eat up my storage here. If you REALLY care, I’ll just email the pics to you.

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