8 thoughts on “What the left really thinks about our soldiers”

  1. I have bad news and good news. First, the bad news is that this, they are 100% accurate and I totally agree with him.

    Second, the good news is this, they are looking into a mirror and seeing themselves. Which is also 100% accurate and I totally agree with him.

  2. Products of public school brainwashing. Knowing what’s happening in the useless majors (generally anything with a name ending in “studies”) the original post, and the comments don’t surprise me.

  3. MJ.This is not about you or me, it’s about politics. People do not have a clue to the region of the world. This is not about Nations or States, it’s about Tribes and Families. We as a Nation, need to grow up, we may not like it or want to, but we better do it. I don’t have the problems with you, at all, in fact, I’m glad you wrote your piece. This is not all about religion, it is more about the Almighty Dollar and would like to know who’s behind the money. We are going to see a lot of men come home injured with injuries that many cannot conceive of the magnitude of their injuries and compare that concept, with this. Who is going to make all of the money? Shouldn’t we being tracking the money, like we did with the terrorists?

    You had the courage and honor to start asking the hard questions. I don’t believe you were looking for easy answers. When you deal with the culture like theirs, you begin to realize one thing, the truth will be very hard. In their culture, they have an approach, it sounds something like this, “You decide when to start it and we will decide when it’s over.” As GEN Mattis, said, “The enemy always has a seat at the table.” As a Nation, we need to learn this.

    The more you know about this whole region, not just Iraq and Afghanistan, the madder, you’ll become. Be careful, you’re starting on that path. People don’t get it, this will not be 100 hours, 100 days, 100 years. We are talking in terms of millennia or thousands of years. It takes a great deal of honor and courage to begin to understand this area called, “The Cemetery of Empires.” I want to thank you for starting the journey. Thank you, Sir.

  4. Quartermaster, it’s a shame, in some ways, that you are no longer shocked. I have this sense, that you have been around the block a few times and have seen a few more things than most. As we move forward, I hope, at some point in time, in the future, that we are both shocked in the good sense. Please forgive me, when I understate things.

  5. Grumpy, Tenn Tech started as pretty much an Engineering School, and those fingerprints are still all over the place. However, I watched the Liberal Arts side change over the last 30 years, and it ain’t pretty. Imagine an English Teacher asking a class why highways aren’t built with concrete anymore, when talking about Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath” because of one place where the pavement on US 66 is described as broken up. I tried to tell her it makes up about 100% of US Interstates and US Routes (Asphalt is actually a form of concrete). She acted like she was listening, then asked the same question over again. The overwhelming amount of educated ignorance is appalling. Worse, it’s invincible.

    No, alas, I’m not surprised. And, yes, I’ve seen far too much. Far more than any 56 yo guy should have had to see.

  6. Quartermaster, just to keep it short and simple, “Thank You, for your continued service to this Nation.” Service is not limited to just the Military Service, but also your contained service to this Great Nation.

    Sir, we will not always agree, as you well know. We come from different backgrounds, but the first paragraph stands as written. If we always agreed, there would be no fun.

    Have a “Happy New Year!”

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