8 thoughts on “Have fun unwrapping your presents this year!”

    1. … and make sure you specify the catalog page number from VS. Otherwise we’ll just start sending random items.

  1. *Raises hand* * Volunteers to unwrap the one on the right*

    Hey Aggie, Xbrad, LTRusty, Andy. You all enjoy the day with whomever!

    …and Andy, when you unwrap that package on the right, I’ll take the ‘wrapping’ off your hands. You know recycling is a good thing, just sayin’

  2. “Recycling”, I didn’t think about that view, ya know, “distracted”. If I had half a brain, I would be *extracted*, that’s why I’m here. The ‘wrapping’ says a great deal about the package. ‘Andy’, be careful.

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