8 thoughts on “Looks like someone made the naughty list…”

  1. Now, when Santa says, “He knows if you have been naughty or nice.” Now, Y’all are going to listen or CYA!”

  2. Let’s see, how do I define*nice*? How about, anything I don’t shoot at? How’s that sound? Signed, Santa

  3. Just one word:



    *Merry Christmas, Lovely Morons!*

  4. To: Cathy,

    The last time, I did that, I was from the jail. I didn’t realize the police officer saw the pretty girl, the same time I did. Well, there goes “Free-Speech”.

    To: Quartermaster, I tried being nice, I even bribed the kids to be nice. But, that didn’t work either, the kids gathered in gangs and attacked me. So, I had to re-think this whole idea of Santa Clause and the naughty/nice issue. Now in the pre-Christmas mode, the kids see me in my bright red gear. But on Christmas eve, I go strictly black tactical gear. Without going into detail, the end result is this, the leaders of the packs now get together in the conversation goes something like this, “*Mr. Clause will be a arriving in our area and he will not tolerate any, and I mean *any nonsense from any of us*. We do not want to receive anything from him! This is especially true with his new delivery system. Does everybody get it? We don’t want to mess with this old dude, he gets even, quickly! You know it’s bad when Santa has a C-130 gunship as his escort.*”

    Very Respectfully,
    Signed- S.Clause

  5. “S.Claus: he sees you when you’re naughty and he sees you when you’re nice. Be good for goodness sake or take cover!”

    @Potosi Joel, It’s really good to see somebody who understands the situation. Duh, we’ve got a problem, are you being good for goodness sake or just taking cover? Wait a minute, I should ask a witness who is safely away from you, what would be *their* answer?


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