Sick Call

Important Update


I hope Roamy or Craig can come up with something to post this weekend, because I’m feeling pretty crappy. And a crappy XBrad doesn’t like to write much.

Since I don’t have anything to write, I’ll share a couple old pictures of your humble host.

Pohakoloa Training Area, Hawaii, OCT 86

Pohakoloa Training Area, Big Island, Hawaii, OCT 86


My homecoming from Desert Storm, June 91


At the range, Colorado, May 93


Ft. Carson, CO Thanksgiving, 93


Ft. Carson, CO, sometime in 94.

With a little bit of luck, I’ll be feeling better in  a couple days.

9 thoughts on “Sick Call”

  1. Oct ’86…I was still in the process of being hatched down at Benning…

    gotta say…whomever decided it was a good idea to pin our salad on those crappy, mint green Class B shirts had no sense of style or fashion at all…

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