So, the Air Force has almost completed its buy of MQ-1 Predators.  What was originally designed as a simple platform for a camera has become an extremely useful tool in the war on terror, providing intelligence, situational awareness, command and control, and firepower to troops on the ground, and to theater commanders. But as great as it has been, it has limited room for growth. After this batch is delivered, the more capable MQ-9 Reaper will be purchased instead. Mind you, the Predators will continue in service until stocks are depleted, or sufficient Reaper’s are available to replace them. The Army is also pursuing the purchase of Predators of it’s own, the MQ-1C.

All this is mostly an excuse to post this video:


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  1. Enjoyed this one so much watched it three times.

    LMAO. Yes. Shoes a great sense of humor… and priceless.

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