New uniforms…

OK, these aren’t the Multicams, but it is an interesting little blurb.


Currently, deploying troops are issued new sets of the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) that have a slight pinkish tint to them. That’s a special fire retardant treatment to reduce burns on the battlefield. Burns are of course, one of the most notoriously difficult to treat injuries, and they are very common on the battlefield, both through enemy action and operational accidents.

Now, in addition to the fire retardant treatment, they’re building in an insect repellent. I can’t tell you how much I would have liked this back in my day. ¬†As the video notes, just reducing the annoyance of swarming insects would be worth it. That they are also reducing the numbers of troops that will fall to disease is great as well.

6 thoughts on “New uniforms…”

  1. I found that a little splash of DS2 behind the ears usually kept all insects away. Kidding, of course.
    I remain convinced that the mosquitoes at Fort Stewart had evolved to the point of being immune to all pesticides. Even bathing in DEET would not deter the bloodsuckers. Someone found out “skin-so-soft” abated the buzzing cloud. So entire infantry brigades took to the field smelling like a rose-garden.

  2. This is great. So the repellent does not gradually wash out or wear out?

    Never thought my pungent-spicy Skin-So-Soft oil smelled like a rose-garden.

    1. I’m sure it would wear out eventually, but since it only has to last about a year at the most, it shouldn’t be a major problem.

  3. I don’t recall the specific life, but the flame-resistant ACUs (called FRACUs) lose their resistance relatively quickly, particularly with the rough treatment they get in field laundry. I generally didn’t wear them unless I was going out.

  4. I remember when they used to have Deet BDU treatment packs, and you applied it to your uniform. It was supposed to last a few washes. I know a lotta people that are anti DEET Dn’t know why though, it’s been teste and proven safe on mice…..haha

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