4 thoughts on “The First of the Few”

  1. Barbancourt?!? Five-Star?!? From Haiti?!?
    FUCK YEAH!!!
    I’ve been trying to edumacate Armed Geek about that stuff for over a year. You are the only other person I’ve come across in the hyperverse who’s even heard of that nectar.
    Just shows to go you that even the most forsaken third-world shithole has something going for it.

    Glad you liked the railgun, or as we Sci Fi heads used to call them mass drivers. I love that badge.

  2. CB, would you forgive me if I’ve never tried Barbancourt, but VirgilXenephon, a regular at Lex’s, and occasional visitor here, swears by the stuff. Since he’s an Air Force guy, I thought he might appreciate both the film and the beverage.

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