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  1. Primary Flaw in his thinking, he’s using ‘common sense’, bring it down a little, you’re going right over their heads. “Amateurs study tactics and weapons, professionals study *logistics*.”

  2. One of the major reasons our weapons acquisition in WW2 was successful was the people that were doing usually had faced combat themselves. They knew what worked, what didn’t and thought of how it was going to be supported in the field. Not so much anymore. Often, it’s civvies calling the shots, and often they haven’t even served.

    But those Sojers just think of war and nothing else. So I guess we need those academics calling the shots for us.

  3. I think it’s important to remember that in a lot of cases, the services took an “80%” solution to most problems. The P-51 wasn’t the best fighter of the war. That was undoubtedly the Me262. But 1000 Me262s didn’t have much chance against 700 P-51s.

    Quantity has a quality all its own, as they say. I’m not saying we should cede our technological edge, but we should remember CDR Salamander’s rallying cry of Evolution, not Revolution. People tend to get their heads chopped off in revolutions.

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