There goes the neighborhood?

Prosecutors say Serbian-born George Jakubec quietly packed the home with the largest amount of homemade explosives ever found in one location in the U.S. and was running a virtual bomb-making factory in his suburban neighborhood. How the alleged bank robber obtained the chemicals and what he planned to do with them remain mysteries.

Now authorities face the risky task of getting rid of the explosives. The property is so dangerous and volatile that that they have no choice but to burn the home to the ground this week in a highly controlled operation involving dozens of firefighters, scientists and hazardous material and pollution experts.

Authorities went into the home after Jakubec was arrested, but encountered a maze of floor-to-ceiling junk and explosives that included 13 unfinished shrapnel grenades.

Bomb experts pulled out about nine pounds of explosive material and detonated it, but they soon realized it was too dangerous to continue given the quantity of hazardous substances. A bomb-disposing robot was ruled out because of the obstacle of all the junk Jakubec hoarded.

That left only one option — burn the home down.

Good luck with that. My expertise is far more with blowing stuff up than in stopping stuff from blowing up.

11 thoughts on “There goes the neighborhood?”

  1. At least this one has an easy solution in Iraq. Declare a “TIC” and put a GMLR on it. Problem solved. Make sure all the video cameras are set up, first, though.

  2. Literally, *BOOM!!!!!!*

    Esli makes a good suggestion about video cameras *before* the detonation.

    Y’all know about “Lessons Learned”, if it were to just to slip out, “Oh well, things happen.”

    Before LC Aggie Sith has a chance, “Uh-huh!”

  3. I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations have run out.

    Esli and I have some very slight experience with almost blowing ourselves up.

    I wonder if Esli remembers the guy at the gun store asking him if we were going to blow up Deception Pass Bridge…

  4. Us MilTypes love ‘splodey stuff lots. Police and Firefighter types, not so much.

    Somewhere I’ve got the instructions on how to make PETN, but the risks of doing so are a bit more than I like to contemplate. Consequently, I’ll leave such things to Dupont and others like them. Frankly, when you look at what you have to do to make high explosives, like PETN, RDX, or TNT, then you know a man has to be just a bit off plumb to make the stuff. Actually, half insane is not hyperbole in this case.

    1. That’s why badgers just close the blasst doors to our burrows, when wiener dogs are around. Close the doors, make some popcorn, open some Dad’s, and wait for the noise when one of the wieners finds one of the trip wires outside.

  5. yeah, I have a vague recollection of that, and a few other close calls…
    Only problem with running the cameras is that you have to set them up for the shot and then wait for “shot, over” on the fires net before hitting record. It takes so long to get clearance for GMLRS, you can easily kill a camera battery or fill a card waiting! I’ve got video of two HBIEDs we dropped with GMLRS one day, that looks really good when accompanied by AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

  6. Looks like the cookout is on for Thursday Am. Fortunately, they found a sane judge who ruled against the defense dirtbags motion to not burn the place as possible evidence for the defense might be destroyed. Imagine that, a sane judge in California.
    Thanks for the coastal gun video, love the music. It will set the mood for tomorrow.

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