3 thoughts on “Marine Air Discussion”

  1. I’m not sure doing away with the Cobra is a good idea, unless they replace it with another AH. I think he’s right about the Venom (UH-1Y). The thing is so outdated now, it’s silly to keep it around.

    I’d go for the OV-10. They need a good baby Carrier to operate from, but that’s in reach. An LCV, if you will. Something on the order of 35-40K tons loaded. About a modernized Essex with a small nuke tea kettle for propulsion to maximize stores and fuel space for the embarked AC.

    The Marines are good operators, they just have poor judgment when it comes to aviation hardware. Maybe that comes from being the poor cousin for so long. How ever they came by the problem, they need help getting past it.

  2. Bronco’s were tested on LHAs about 30 years ago. No real problems operating them, though I imagine developing the procedures would be a real hassle.

  3. IIRC, using an OV-10 on an LHA pretty well made it impossible to use the deck for anything else during OV-10 ops. An LCV with canted deck, would allow full use of the deck during such ops. Not having to install cats, unless the decide to operate Hornets as well (and we let the Jarheads loose unsupervised they probably will). Such a craft would be about twice the displacement of an LHA and have far more flexibility. I think a modernized Essex would fill the bill very well.

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