The Band of Brothers, and a band of another sort…

Neptunus Lex brings us the sad news that MAJ Dick Winters, brought to public attention via Stephen Ambrose’s excellent book, and the magnificent miniseries by the same name, is approaching that time which comes to all men. In recognition of his sterling wartime service, and as a testament to all those unsung heroes like him that fought in “The Great Crusade” in Western Europe, funds are being sought to erect a monument to him in Normandy.

An 11-year-old from Lebanon County, he has long been fascinated by World War II and one old soldier in particular — Dick Winters, the Easy Company commander made famous by the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers.”

Mr. Winters, a Lancaster native who lives in Hershey, is 92 and has Parkinson’s disease.

But a statue of him is going up in France, and Jordan has taken it upon himself to raise money for it by selling $1 rubber wristbands in the tradition of Lance Armstrong’s yellow “Live Strong” bracelets.

These wristbands are olive green, the color of U.S. Army uniforms, and say “Hang Tough,” which is what Mr. Winters told his men in combat in Europe. In later years, that phrase became his motto.

Jordan has raised $21,000 since he started selling bands in May and says his goal is $100,000. The monument in Normandy is expected to cost about twice that.

“We need to thank these heroes before it’s too late,” Jordan said.

How true, Jordan. 

Should you wish to aid this cause, you can get your wrist band here. 

As noted in the comments at Lex’s place, t’would make an excellent stocking stuffer.