25th ID in Vietnam

I was poking around youtube looking for fuzzy kittens and came across this little clip. I hate Dan Rather, but it IS an interesting clip. Notice the M14s, and M14E2s. Also, the heavy artillery, the 175mm gun? Look at the size of the powder charge they put in that thing. No wonder the 175mm was the longest range tube we had.


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  1. Just what we discussed the other day. M-14s & 175s! That was the Army I knew, long, long, ago. But then, I played with dinosaurs as a child.

  2. When my father was stationed in Germany ’66-’69, USAEUR still carried M-14s. Most of the new stuff was going to Vietnam. During the same period, Army Aviation in Europe was almost all powered by reciprocating engines. There were a few Hueys, mostly ‘B’ models. The ‘H’ models were going to Vietnam with the castoffs slowly making their way to Europe. Prague spring (the ’68 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia) threw a real scare into the Army. A REFORGER exercise was staged in fall ’68 as a result.

    If I had my druthers, I’d carry a 14 with the E2 stock. While it’s heavier, along with the ammo, I prefer good terminal ballistics and range.

    The Army used to field an 8″ gun, which is about 200mm. Or, am I misremembering?

    1. The 175 went away in the 70s. Since about the late 50’s, early 60s, the Army fielded the M110 8″ (203mm) howitzer. Over the years, the tube was extended, then fitted with a muzzle break. It was primarily issued to Corps supporting artillery brigades. It was in service through Desert Storm, then replaced by the MLRS rocket system.

      The M110 didn’t have the range of the 175, but was considered to be a very accurate system, and a very successful gun.

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