We found ourselves a little surprised that we picked this week’s hottie, Amber Tamblyn. We’ve long been a fan of hers, all the way back to Joan of Arcadia,  but never thought of her as hawt. Well, a couple of things are working to change that. First, she’s a lot older than I thought; at 27, she’s no baby. Second, she’s worked with Sarah Michelle Gellar more than once, so she gets extra credit for that. I mean, just about every other woman who’s appeared on Buffy has shown up here at least once. And now she has a guest arc on House. They play on her young, innocent looks there, so I was surprised to see how easy it was to find good pics of her.

Click each pic to embiggen.

Slideshow below the fold for Michael, that jerk.


13 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Thank you for reminding me that she is attractive. On House, they’ve managed to make her into something scary looking.

  2. She’s so angelic, with the fair skin and dark hair. And the hips. Soft, feminine, perfectly proportioned. She looks best when she’s dressed up nice. Not in the tiny skirts, like a cheezy Hollywood girl. Pretty and respectable. I wish her well in her career.

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