Roamy brings the stupid

Hi, I’m roamingfirehydrant, also known as Roamy, and I’m a fellow Hostage of XBradTC’s.  He invited me over here to either blog for him or add filler, not sure what at this point.  I have some hopefully interesting stories to tell.

The first one, per Xbrad’s request, is about my moniker.  I had the good fortune to work with Ed, a WW2 veteran and original employee of NASA, dating back to when it was the Army Ballistic Missile Agency in Huntsville.  Ed was a talented machinist who could make sense out of your half-ass drawing and offer suggestions on how to make it better, if you were smart enough to listen.

Ed and I had the misfortune of working for a boss who was something of a micromanager in those days.  One day, Ed and I were talking in the shop, and we see the boss barreling towards us.  Ed remarked, “Now I know how a fire hydrant feels when it sees the dog comin’.  It knows what’s going to happen, it knows it’s going to be unpleasant, and it knows there’s not a damn thing it can do about it.”  Later that same week, we were summoned to a meeting with the boss in another building.  I was carpooling at the time, so I rode with Ed to the meeting.  He turned to me and said, “Now we are roaming firehydrants, looking for the dog to pee on us.” 

So that’s where the name came from.  I have not served in the armed forces, but I have many, many relatives who have, including two nephews currently in the Army.  I am a big fan of teh ‘splodey, so here is quite a good home for me. 

Thanks for having me here, the line for abuse forms on the right…

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