Grunt’s eye view of a firefight

War News Updates gives us an interesting perspective on a small unit firefight in Afghanistan, with Marines engaging the Taliban, while carrying small cameras strapped to themselves and their weapons.


3 thoughts on “Grunt’s eye view of a firefight”

  1. couple of interesting things there, at around a minute you see the camera pan from a Marine at a corner of a building to another on the side of a road with a ANA troop next to him, the Marine is aiming down the sights while the ANA has his rifle over his head “allah ahkbar” style..

    then towards the end you see a guy with a SAW feeding it with actual AR mags…guess that firefight must have gone on for a while or he picked it up from somebody else and had to use his own mags…

  2. One of our Combined Arms Battalions bought helmet cams for their trainup for the last OIF rotation. They had a sharp young captain in the 3 shop that could quickly work video cuts into their platoon AARs after BTXII live fires. It was a pretty good tool. We bought some in Iraq, but always joked about how we would wind up catching war crimes on video….

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