Retro, in more ways than one.

2011 is the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation. In honor of this, the Navy is painting a limited number of aircraft in historic paint schemes.

That light blue scheme is inspired by the paint scheme worn by USN aircraft in the Pacific in the early days of WWII, such as at the Battle of Midway. Looking good!

What else is retro? Well, the aircraft itself. The Navy retired all of its S-3s a couple years ago. It didn’t bother to replace them. But when it decided it needed a way to patrol the missile ranges off the California coast, it pulled a couple S-3s out of mothballs and is currently refurbishing them for the job. Maybe, just maybe, the Navy should have just kept them in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Retro, in more ways than one.”

  1. Getting rid of the S-3 was one of the worst mistakes the Navy has made. Of course, I also believe that they shouldn’t have destroyed the F-14 tooling either, and they should have bought the next-gen A-6, too.

    Now we have no Naval Aviation asset that can get 4 Mk84’s any distance away from the bird farm without tanking.

    1. and tanking from a $40 million dollar supersonic jet is the height of lunacy. I’m getting the impression the only reason the Navy is buying any E-model Hornets is to tank the F-models.

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