I saw this blurb over at War News Updates about some upcoming openings at the Joint Chiefs.

President Obama, who has clashed with the military top brass over war and gays, will soon have a chance to reshape the Joint Chiefs of Staff as he faces contentious decisions next year on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and on ending some weapons systems.

Within very broad limits, I’m supportive of a right of a President to choose who his senior leadership will be for the Armed Forces, both on the civilian side and the uninformed side.

Having said that, one characteristic of the Obama administration that has always given me pause is the particularly poor choices it has made in appointing senior members of the administration.

The most recent manifestation of this trend was the replacement of GEN James Jones as National Security Advisor with Thomas Donolin. It seems Donolin’s only qualification for the job was a long history of being a Democratic hack. In the place of SecDef Gates, I strongly suspect we’ll see another long-time Democratic operative, with lots of experience politically, but little real world experience in either management or defense issues.


4 thoughts on “The JCS”

  1. Of the names being talked about, the one that keeps coming up is Panetta. Then again, any appointee has to be confirmed by the Senate. It will be interesting to see if the GOP senators will just rubber stamp an appointee, of if they will actually do their job of the nominee is clearly unqualified.

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